• Skin Care & Waxing

    Skin Care & Waxing

    These treatments include deep cleansing, extractions, hydration and message.

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  • Restoration Treatments

    Resurfacing Treatments

    These treatments brighten, lighten and refresh all skin types.

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  • Tanning


    Sunless tanning is a special formulated solution that is misted over the body.

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  • Our Products

    Our Product of Choice: Lira

    Lira Clinical remains the next level of skin care through cutting edge technology.

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FitzSkin provides the Sacramento Area affordable personalized skin care.  A few of our personalized skin care services include anti-aging technology, skin care, and  waxing.

We provide Lira Skin Care products, the finest in skin care products available in the Sacramento area.

Please contact us for your FREE, Complimentary consultation at 916-837-8662 today.

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